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  1. SPORTSBOOK HIGHLIGHT is an excellent choice for players looking for a great bonus package, an extensive assortment of betting odds on all kinds of sporting, political and show business events. is very user-friendly and its betting pages provide players with clean and crisp graphics.
  2. CASINO HIGHLIGHT Casino offers one of the most well balanced suites of casino games online. No matter what your preference, or the limits you like to play, you should find your favorite casino game here at Moreover, has an excellent reputation for integrity and honesty.
  3. POKER HIGHLIGHT offers an awesome variety of poker games and stakes to its players. offers low stakes options for both cash games and tournaments, with tons of No Limit Holdem Tournaments with buy-ins ranging between $2.50 + .25 and $200 + $15. Poker Review Poker, one of today's large and fast-rising online poker rooms, has a wide base of following, mainly because of a myriad of features that cater to the demands of their gamers. High stakes betting is brought to a new level in Betfair Poker, as the site continuously offers a load of prizes that entice serious gamers to play, while the addition of loose or soft games makes it easier for players to win. Their introduction of different tournaments has made the site even more popular, increasing the volume of players rapidly since 2004. Aside from the fact that BetFair Poker is also coming up with short-handed and new games, the site is even offering a playing program, where they pay people to try them out.

Unfortunately, though they have fast, functional, and user-friendly software, some of the functions, like the cashier, are not always accessible during play, and its poor graphics still leave much to be desired.

Betfair Poker Client

With all the benefits of playing at the BetFair Poker site, a large number of people have taken interest in joining in the fun. Due to the profitable and exciting playing experience, it is no wonder the volume of gamers have increased, so much so that the site is now among the most visited. However, these advantages also bring about extremely aggressive players who are primarily interested in the bonus BetFair Poker offers. These players may or may not be good poker players, but they make it up by filling up tables and using strategies to acquire bonuses.

With the high amount of players in the site, the competition is harder and tighter compared to the other poker rooms available online. Unlike the other poker websites, Bet Fair Poker only accepts players from European countries like the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Italy. For players looking for tips on play and strategy, and tournament articles which could help improve their play, regular professional players like Buzzer, Ben Grundy, and Ariston provide such selection of reading material in the site. This is a noteworthy addition, since not all gambling sites include such helpful content.

In terms of network and software, players are more than often discouraged because of the site's lack of basic functions. There are also no advanced buttons found, making the play, especially multi-table ones, messy. Had BetFair Poker addressed this problem, the volume of their players should have had a more significant increase. Yet, their site also has redeeming qualities which compensate for their limitations, like their Time Clock. This feature forces players to make a move quickly, thereby making the game faster and exciting enough to draw people in the game.

Betfair Poker Tournament traffic

Because of the large volume of players in BetFair Poker, this site has a large tournament traffic, and in August 2006, traffic in their site has reached 5,000 to 6,000 during peak hours. Since the site was launched last May 2004, BetFair Poker soon expanded and became the busiest online poker game room in Europe.

Being an affiliate of a popular and well-visited online poker gaming, BetFair Poker enjoys the benefits of having a large number of people try their site. So far, people enjoy the games and come back for another game. This is in spite of their low rating in graphics; it is reported that most of the players are dismayed at the site's limited options in customizing their profile and play.

Another factor why BetFair Poker's site gained a large number of following is because of their special bonuses, promos, and generous prizes which entail cash rewards or game perks for a better gaming experience. The inclusion of well-written articles on strategy and reports is also welcome addition to the gaming personalization of BetFair Poker. Plus, the game site assures their clients that they use a Random Number Generator (RNG) to make sure that the cards are not manipulated to favor certain individuals.

As opposed to smaller sites, the competition in BetFair Poker is fierce and tight, with people having to fight against large number of competitors for the pool prizes. Despite that, the games are fun and exciting, even for spectators, as there are better and more entertaining players present at the site. Among the well-loved tournaments are the Single and Multi-Table Hold'em, which has a steady number of patrons.

Betfair Poker Ring game traffic

Compared to the smaller online poker gaming sites available in the Internet, Betfair Poker has no problems regarding the traffic of their ring games, since they have a steady number of patrons. This is in spite of the fact that the site only caters to Europeans. In August 2006, BetFair Poker has around 2,700-3,100 players at their Ring Games during Peak Hours, and this is mainly due to their bonuses and promotions, which includes tourney buy-ins of $1-$500.

Among the Ring Games offered by BetFair Poker are 7-stud, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, and Texas Hold'em. BeFair Poker also offers Multi-Table and Single-Table Hold'ems with Ring Game stake of $0.25-$0.50 to $150-$300 Fixed Limit and $0.15-$0.25 to $10-$20 for the Pot Limit. Another popular reason behind this site's high percentage of gamers is their program wherein a person is paid around $10-$20 for each hour they play short-handed and new BetFair Poker games. Winners of Ring Games find that cashing their payoffs is easy and fast, so they usually return to play.

A good thing about Betfair Poker is that the site continues to offer new tournaments and large prizes to make their users enjoy their gaming experience and continue to patronize the services. BetFair Poker now has a new land-based qualifying game series, which offer different ways for players to win seats in prominent poker events worldwide. Ring Game players take advantage of their offer to pay three years worth of buy-in of the same game event consecutively, should they get the final spot in any land-based game. This strategy ensures that people will continue to play in BetFair Poker's Ring Games.

Betfair Poker Variety of games

Among the list of games available in BetFair Poker site are the common card games found in other sites. These are the Texas Hold'em games, which include Seven-Card Stud, Seven Card Stud Hi-LO, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, Heads Up, Single-Table, and Multi-Table games. The players of these games can buy credits in pounds, euros, and dollars.

Included in the list of favorite games of online gamers is the Single Table Tournaments. This game is played just as with a regular cash game; however, its main goal is to defeat all enemies and remain as the victor. Each of the tournament has an assigned value, as the amount the player should add to the running pool during the start of the games. In games like these, there are usually a set house fee, and this is regularly 10% of a buy-in. This rule is a standard set across different poker rooms, online and offline.

You must remember that in choosing a game, you must consider if you are comfortable playing the game before registering. It is only after the available slots at a particular table are filled, does the game begin. Because BetFair Poker site has a large number of regular players, filling their tables would not take too long. After each player has finished contributing to the prize pot, he gets 1,000 chips for the initial play. When the player has lost all his chips, he or she is automatically removed from the game. The amount in the pot is then divided between the remaining 3 players; the winner gets half of the amount, while the second and third will split it 30-20.

There are some Single Table Tournaments that act as a bridge to bigger tournaments with a larger pool. An example of such is when a player wins a certain Single Hand Tournament. He would be allowed to try his luck at a larger Multi-Table Tournament, where the players could have the opportunity to play in a larger cash prized game. To inform the players about these opportunities, the site often posts details and schedules in their web page.

There are also times when Single Table Tournaments become preliminaries for much anticipated and bigger events. These kinds of tourneys can definitely help you join in bigger, more complicated tourneys like Multi Table Tournaments. You will see the details as you click on Betfair's Summary Tab, which is found somewhere along the right side of the site's Registration Screen.

BetFair Poker offers a large number of both cash games and tournaments regularly, which is a reason many players choose this game site instead of others.

Betfair Poker Bonuses

As with other online poker game sites, BetFair Poker also provides bonuses to their loyal and new players. This offer includes the $300 play bonus, which makes players earn bonus cash during their initial 30-day of play in the site's poker room. This promotion is related to the number of MPP (My Poker Point) a player earns. For those who can get fifty MPPs, the bonus is $10. An MPP of 500 earns $100, while 1000 MPPs can get a payoff of $2000. These bonuses are transferred to the accounts of the players every Wednesday. For those interested with this kind of bonus, the player must use the bonus MPP300 code. However, it is important to remember that the bonus is available only if the player hasn't taken advantage of any other bonus programs in BetFair Poker.

Another bonus is the Recommend-A-Friend promotion where a player is rewarded $4o with every new playing friend they bring in. Aside from those previously mentioned, BetFair Poker also offers ongoing promos like the site's Bad Beat Jackpot Bonus, which takes into effect when a player is losing, but is the favorite bet for winning the hand. This jackpot starts at about €1500, and grows every 5 p.m. or 17:00 GMT of the day. But before a player becomes qualified for this rare bonus, the player should first win against several hands like Texas Hold'em, Four Of A Kind, and Jacks, excluding Poker Tourneys. On the other hand, there are mentioned bonuses that may not be applicable anymore, therefore it is advised that the player e-mail the BetFair Poker support system to check if the said bonus is currently available and valid.

As included in their standard promotion, BetFair Poker players become members of an incentive scheme for prop players. This program entails players to receive a $10-$20 rate every hour (e.g. $1 to $2 for every 6 minutes) for whatever number of play time for a given table. Each table specified can only pay players for two hours (or until $40), at the most.

Another incentive for playing in the site is the chance to compete in BetFair Asian Poker Tour. Players can qualify by winning satellite tournaments or winning cash rakes through the BetFair rake challenge for teams. Leader boards for BetFair Poker run each month; these aim to look for the best tournament and money players on the site. More than $30,000 is at stake monthly, aside from special packages for live contests like the WSOP and BetFair Asian Poker Tour.

Betfair Poker Support

It is inevitable that in any online gaming sites, there are several problems that are frequently encountered. Therefore, an important tab feature in a gaming site is the Support Tab. Unfortunately, the support or help tab only offers little to assist the gamers, and only has topics on Hand Ranking, FAQ, and Poker Lingo.

Fortunately, BetFair Poker also has support available for players via the telephone and through the e-mail. This site also features a section of FAQs, which lists down the questions that most people ask often; this provides for easier reference for those people encountering similar problems. However, in spite of the round-the-clock support of this website, the support staff is slow to respond to e-mail queries from customers and they never send confirmation or receipt of the questions. Though the staff are friendly and helpful, most of them are not as knowledgeable as the staff from other sites.

Betfair Poker Deposit options

For a faster and easier way to replenish real-money accounts, BetFair Poker gives its patrons numerous banking alternatives for their cash transfer or account reloading. BetFair Poker has tied up with several major credit card companies like VISA and MasterCard for easier and more convenient deposits.

Players could also do their deposits via Bank transfer, Checks, Moneybookers, Visa Electron, and Western Union. Another alternative is through the NETeller, a fast and safe way of transferring playing funds to your account. As with this site's mother company, which has a reputation of being an established and popular gaming site, BetFair Poker also encourages the use of debit cards, like the UK-based Switch, Maestro, Solo, and Delta, for added convenience in depositing. BetFair Poker gamers are assured that the website only uses the most familiar and trustworthy transaction systems so as to protect the accounts of their patrons. For those who are cashing out on their winnings, BetFair Poker players often receives cash-outs in 24 hours.

Visit BetFair Poker now.

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