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  1. SPORTSBOOK HIGHLIGHT is an excellent choice for players looking for a great bonus package, an extensive assortment of betting odds on all kinds of sporting, political and show business events. is very user-friendly and its betting pages provide players with clean and crisp graphics.
  2. CASINO HIGHLIGHT Casino offers one of the most well balanced suites of casino games online. No matter what your preference, or the limits you like to play, you should find your favorite casino game here at Moreover, has an excellent reputation for integrity and honesty.
  3. POKER HIGHLIGHT offers an awesome variety of poker games and stakes to its players. offers low stakes options for both cash games and tournaments, with tons of No Limit Holdem Tournaments with buy-ins ranging between $2.50 + .25 and $200 + $15. Poker Review, one of the biggest (if not the biggest online sports book to date) has made a successful foray into online Poker. Poker offers a wide variety of poker games and tournament formats. In addition to being a fun and exciting way to gain a greater all-round poker experience, tournaments are also a powerful way to build your bankroll and get a great return on a minimal investment. In a tournament, as opposed to a live ring-game, the most money one can risk is the buy-in for that tournament. All players start with the same amount of chips and play continues until one player has won all the chips. Tournament chips have no cash value. Tournaments are available in all the poker games offers; Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, Stud and Stud Hi-Lo. Poker offers Multi-table, Sit & Go, and Heads-up tournaments in various Freeze-out, Re-buy and Shoot-out formats. also offers satellite tournaments to gain entry into much bigger events and freerolls that cost nothing to enter. Poker Interface Poker's unique game interface is the product of poker players working closely with experts from the video game industry. The result is an enjoyable poker playing experience that's easy on the eyes and more enjoyable to play.

Poker is a game that demands concentration on the part of any player who's in it to win it. Poker's interface was designed to alleviate the confusion of switching buttons, random pop-up interface elements and hard-to-click check boxes.

The first things you'll notice about Poker Game Control Interface are the large buttons and multiple colors. All of the buttons are color-coded to give you a quick reference as to what each button will do when clicked.

  • Red
    Leave the hand (Fold cards, sit out, etc)

  • Yellow
    No action (Check, Wait for BB, etc)

  • Green
    Pay chips to the table (Post blinds, bet, raise, etc)

Action Buttons

The top row has the Action buttons. When it is your turn, you can click any of these buttons to perform the action that is described inside the button.

Pre-Action Buttons

When you have a turn coming, but it's not yet your turn to act, the Pre-Action Buttons will appear. Clicking these will toggle an action to be performed automatically when it's your turn.

Raise Area

In No Limit and Pot Limit games, when you want to make a raise, you can use Sportsbook Poker's Slider Bar controls. You can also use the smaller buttons to change the amount of the raise or you can choose to adjust the raise by typing in the raise amount.

Sportsbook Poker's interface has four distinct tools: Chat, Notes, Stats and Info. Each of these tools will allow the player to view different elements about the game while observing or playing at the table. This section details each of the tools.


Chat comes up by default and it's where you will be able to see what other players at the table are saying. It's also where the Dealer will be giving details about how the game is progressing. Much of the Chat window details are also found in the Hand History so that you can review the hand at a later date.

To use Chat, simply click your mouse in the white bar at the bottom of the Chat tab, type what you'd like to say and then hit your Enter or Return key. If Chat is allowed at your table you will see it appear next to your Poker Nickname in blue. All player chat is in blue.

You can change the options for your Dealer Chat by clicking the button to the right of the white Chat text entry bar. This brings up the Table Options window. There you can set the Dealer to be Silent (say nothing), Summary (just gives basic hand details) or Everything (display all available messages). You can also set whether or not you want to see the chat from other Players or from Observers (people not playing but watching the table).


When you want to make a note about any of your opponents go to the Notes tab. Choose their name from the drop-down menu (or right click on the opponent onscreen and select the Notes choice). Below, you'll be able to write down notes for yourself to view any time you ever see that player.

You can also 'Ignore' the selected player's chat by clicking the Ignore button. When ignored, you'll see the muted icon appear over the player's name tag.

If you don't feel like writing a lot you can simply rate a player with the Rating Icons. You can even change the descriptions of the Rating Icons if you so feel like it.


When playing at a table, the Stats tool will track some basic info for you. This includes the number of hands you were dealt, the number of times you saw the Flop in different positions, the number of times you've won, etc. You can reset the stats whenever you wish if you want to try a new tactic and you'll be able to see how well it fares for you.

Hand History

Another unique feature of's Poker software is the hand history feature. When a hand of poker is completed a record of everything that occurred is stored and protected inside the servers at Poker and in many cases, inside a simple text file on each player's computer. This record is intended to allow players to review their play or send examples of hands between friends, but the text format is difficult to read and easily manipulated. Poker has created a way for all players to view their hand histories straight from our secure servers in an easy-to-read web page format.

Not only can users view their hand history graphically but they can also send the hand history directly to anyone else who can then click on the link to view the hand graphically as well. Since every hand is actually it's own web page, you can post the links on forums, websites, etc. The rewards when you share a real money ring game or tournament Hand History can also be significant, not only to brag about the pot you took down last night.


$100,000.00 March Madness Poker Freeroll

After the awesome success of our last freeroll, the $100,000.00 Poker Freeroll is back for March Madness. We'll be running it in a slightly different format with satellite freerolls playing every day, from Monday to Saturday, to qualify for a weekly heat that'll take place on each Sunday. The top 20 players from each heat qualify for the Final on April 2nd, coinciding with the final of March Madness, to play for the $100,000.00 prize.

$100,000.00 Guaranteed Tournament Prize Money Every Week

Every week Poker is giving away more than $100,000.00 guaranteed cash in tournament prize money. Every day we are running various buy-in tournaments with guaranteed levels of prize money. If the buy-in prize pool does not reach the guaranteed amount, Poker will make up for the shortfall.

Gold Chip Giveaway Tournaments

Have you been playing and accumulating Gold Chips? Well this is your chance to start making some serious cash with them. We're running giveaway tournaments weekly and monthly in exchange for Gold Chips. Click here to learn more about Gold Chips.

  • Weekly Gold Chip Giveaway
    Just 10 Gold Chips gives you the chance to enter a weekly $1,000.00 prize pool tournament.

  • Monthly Gold Chip Giveaway
    Just 20 Gold Chips gives you the chance to enter a monthly $3,000.00 prize pool tournament.

Gold Card Giveaway Tournaments

Have you been winning Gold Cards by playing in our real money ring games? Each time you're dealt cards, one or both of the first 2 cards you are dealt may transform into a Gold Card at the end of the hand even if you folded your cards during the hand! These cards give you the chance to enter cash tournaments for free. Each week we are running 4 prize pool tournaments totaling over $2,500.00 limited to Gold Card entry.

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